Thursday, 26 April 2012


Like a baby taking its first steps - everyone has to start somewhere (though I hope said baby was not hungover and wearing a fluffy dressing gown like me). I'm starting this blog because I love to write, always have but in that typical modern style a combination of bill paying and a sky subscription have meant I've not been writing as much as I want and should be.

I hope this blog helps me to fix this problem and hopefully along the way will show a few people (including myself) what I can do when I put fingers to keyboard. As the title sums up this blog is really just about all the things I love and feel passionate about enough to want to write about. Mainly fashion, beauty, Bristol life and the occasional post I'm sure on travel, gigs and films. I hope a few people will enjoy my ramblings and not-brilliant-but-hopefully-improving picture taking!

Anyway, welcome to Honeybones!


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