Saturday, 28 April 2012

Come Closer...Miles Kane in Bristol

Miles Kane performed at the O2 Bristol Academy last night. I downloaded 'Colour of the trap' ages ago and have listened to it so much I'm surprised but my poor phone hasn't melted in protest. So to say I was looking forward to seeing him was a bit of understatement and he certainly didn't disappoint. He has amazing stage presence and there's nothing like a bit of swagger in an indie boy!

I wasn't the only massive fan in the audience, an army of mini-Miles's filled the crowd and one guy was enjoying himself so much he seemed oblivious to the fact that he was being carried out by security and just kept on dancing in the air! I couldn't help but notice the sea of white T-shirts and coloured jeans worn by what seemed like every guy in the audience - it's pretty clear to see what's considered 'gig uniform' at the moment. Miles himself was working the Mod look and as Miles himself admits in this recent piece in Esquire Magazine girls can't resist a Mod (or at least I can't!). Check out these amazing pictures of one of the most stylish men in British music today.

Esquire Magazine. Photo by Rick Guest

I don't always bother watching the supporting acts if it's someone I don't know but I was glad I caught Eugene McGuinness. Ok, as my friend pointed out he looked a little like young Alfie Moon but luckily for us it wasn't Shane Richie performing. He had some great songs and I will definitely be downloading his new single 'Shotgun'.
A brilliant gig and totally worth the months I've been waiting to go! If you haven't listened to it yet check it out on my Spotify playlist.

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